User Research

I've been an avid researcher since I wrote my undergraduate honors thesis at Rice on social interaction in multi-user games. I've since added extensive testing experience using a variety of methodologies on enterprise software, Web sites, and mobile applications, providing real-world user feedback that increases ROI. I'm a great heuristic analyst, and my inner sociologist loves metrics and data.

I specialize in qualitative and quantitative research methodologies including usability lab studies, remote user testing, survey design, contextual inquiry, user persona development, accessibility testing, in-depth user interviewing, journey mapping, ethnography, focus groups, diary studies, rapid prototype testing, design studio and participatory design, heuristic analysis and evaluation, and A/B testing.

Interaction Design

Good UX design is both an art and a science, and "design, build, test and iterate" is my guiding principle. I use my background in sociology and social research and years of experience in interaction design to produce user-centered process flows, personas, scenarios, wireframes and prototypes for elegant interface solutions. I understand the importance of interative collaboration with developers for Agile implementation, too.

Information Architecture

Information architecture is the blueprint that drives how users navigate and experience your content. From site maps to digital content analysis and strategy, I can create the flexible, scalable information infrastructure you need. As an added bonus, I can also write and suggest new content appropriate to your mission and business needs.